I am an art enthusiast almost all my life. I love to check out for bits and pieces that would decorate my home. Paintings, photographs, sculptures – name it, I have one or two of them. Even in my place of business, I see to it that there is something creative I can see wherever I look. This brings out my creative juices and makes me work better than ever. This is why I frequent Mc Murtrey Gallery which is just a few blocks away from my workplace. They feature different artworks all the time which are really refreshing to see.


This gallery is simply amazing. They feature great art pieces which would make you drool. The sizes vary, and also the theme they incorporate. When you come here, prepare to bring home tens and hundreds of stuff available. Believe me, I based that on experience. With just a glance alone, you can tell that every artwork is created by talented hands. You’ll have a hard time settling on one.


I am so thankful for knowing Mr. Luveux. He helped me jumpstart a career in painting. I have a talent, but until him, I never really knew that I can go this far. Now, I’ve been showcasing my paintings not only here but in Europe as well. This also built my confidences so that I don’t easily give in to those agents who keep on haggling my works. I can now negotiate better with the help of the Mc Murtrey Gallery. They do not even charge me inappropriately and ensure that I am in the loop with all the negotiations. This gallery is really heaven sent for me. I hope they can still help other artists especially those who are just starting up. Recommended site! 5-star ratings for this one.