About Us

About us

Mc Murtrey Gallery is established in 1973. It was funded by the ex-curator turned businessman Martney Luveux. He was a man who has an unconditional love with all things historical and creative, as such, he thought of putting up his own gallery. He started small, only helping out his friends who were amateur artists then to showcase their talents to people in Houston. Not soon after, he started receiving bookings after bookings already from artists all over. There came a time when the gallery was needed to be booked months prior just so an artist could use the space for the exhibiting his artwork. This and the clamor for a bigger space was what prompted Luveux to expand.

Martney Luveux is privy to the fact that there are artists who do not get the right assistance they need to improve their talents. Being in the field of artwork and artifact opened him to this fact. Because of this, he made sure to make his gallery available especially to those artists who need help the most. He explored every possible means to be of assistance to them starting from marketing their masterpieces up to attracting attention to their exhibits. He also uses his influence so that the viewers of the artists’ works would not only be limited in the state. He was the reason why the artists who come to the exhibits are constantly given the opportunity to showcase their talents internationally, if not collaborate with other more well-known artists that would give them better chance in the field.

Truly, Mc Murtrey Gallery is a gallery for all. If you are an aspiring artist looking for help, we are ready t help you here. All you need is to contact us today and let us discuss how we can help you.