Past Exhibitions

Troy Woods<br />It is late in the season | 2014<br />mahogany and stainless steel | 28.5" x 10" x 6"

With a stunning array of new sculpture, artist Troy Woods imbues narrative throughout this new exhibition. Each piece is a meditation on change and a catalyst for growth:

"The Tipping Point (Notes On) is the point when choices and clarity merge to stimmulate a counter-movement and thus a change."

Catherine Colangelo<br />Double RR Crossing | 2014<br />gouache and graphite on paper | 18" x 28"


McMurtrey Gallery is excited to introduce Catherine Colangelo's exhibit Ocular Rhythms. Inspired by textiles, Indian and Islamic miniatures, and illuminated...


Tidal Mosaics features Jill Parisi's hand colored three dimensional print making process. Parisi breaks down the boundaries between printmaking, sculpture, and installation with her unique vision:

"My artistic practice aims to create a sense of beauty and wonder for the viewer. I create detailed and colorful prints and drawings that act as components for large installations or as studies to be translated into two-dimensional glass. Direct...

Ted Larsen<br />Loose Knot | 2014<br />salvage steel inlayed into used drawing board, silicone, hardware | 38&quot; x 30&quot; x 1&quot;<br />

Larsen's newest exhibition develops from the processes of drawing and sculpture to create a new formation of space. Gleaning from conceptual and minimal art practices, Larsen collapses the liberated gesture of mark making with the rigidity of mass produced materials. The result is a questioning of spacial aesthetics and the blurring of the line between drawing, painting, and sculpture.



In his new body of work, Ghostland, Keith Carter uses the elemental qualities of the historic wet plate collodian process to explore the flora, fauna, and folklore of swamplands in the American South. Using archaic lenses, he takes us through a looking glass into a parallel universe where feral humans and decorous animals all occupy a whimsically Darwinian wonderland. Carter delves into the rich recesses of mythology and the human psyche to explore the common threads of human and animal attraction, reminding us that we are products of the same earth, and reexamines our relationship with the natural world, and ultimately our own identities.


Archiving Australia

Traveling to Australia in 2013 with the support of a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, Dornith Doherty used on-site x-ray equipment to photograph native, rare and critically threatened plants at the Threatened Flora Seed Center, the Kings Park Botanic Garden, and the recently opened PlantBank, located throughout the Australian continent. In this new body of work, Doherty continues to explore the role of seed banks and their preservation efforts in the face of climate change, the extinction of natural species and decreased biodiversity. From Eucalyptus and kangaroo grass to the recently rediscovered...

Seven Artists is an exhibition that brings together seven gallery artists whose work differs in form and concept. Working in paint, gouache, collage, and bronze this exhibit showcases the various processes these artists undergo to create their vision. 

Sandi Seltzer Bryant has gleaned through hundreds of handmade papers from over twenty countries to create her newest series of works. From Asia to the Netherlands, each piece reflects the artist's journey. Layering bands of texture, color, and form Bryant leads us into an abstract process of discovery. 


Modern Classics is a collection of Jean Carruthers Wetta's oil paintings that were exhibited recently at the Beeville Art Museum. Wetta's works are inspired both by the tradition of classical Dutch realism and the aesthetics of modern painting.