Freedom to Express for the Contemporary Artists

Freedom to Express for the Contemporary Artists

People say that it is not always easy to be artists. The income is not so stable, and it is not always that one gets the break they need in their lifetime. As such, although there are those individuals who have the talent, they choose to pursue other careers rather than being an artist. There is a truth to this belief, however, it may also be that these artists just do not know the right people to talk to.

Mc Murtrey Gallery has been representing the contemporary artists of people in Houston. We have been guiding them through their journey in showcasing their talent around the world. We perform regular exhibits here at the center which show-off some amazing artwork and masterpieces from both professional and amateur artists. We have regular artists who trust us with their artwork, and some who commission our help every once in a while. But the collaboration they have with each other and with us brings fireworks to the people in the area. Through the years, our exhibits even reached the international scene which gave an opportunity to our flourishing artists to be invited to international exhibits. This gave them the chance to reach for something bigger and better, and for them to have the right exposure that would make their name well-known in the field.

Our gallery is not known for showcasing paintings alone. Through the years, we have already exhibited here various artworks which include uniquely designed metal works and pieces of jewelry. We also have shown here sculptures made of various types of materials such as clay, stone, ceramics, wood, and other homogeneous materials. Since the modern times, today had made our artists more creative, we were also able to display here artwork made of edible materials such as chocolates, fruits, and butter. Aside from sculptures, there were also beautiful photographs that graced our walls which are from various professional photographers. These vary from still images to landscapes and other subjects which would totally wow you.

The best thing about the artists we feature is that they are really very creative in doing their craft. They struggle to be distinct from other well-known artists already and their works. Because of this, they easily snag the interests of guests who regularly come to the gallery. The fact that we also strive to emphasize every piece of artwork from the artists helped in giving them the right among of recognition they deserve.

Mc Murtrey Gallery does not only feature the artwork of aspiring artists, we also help them generate the right profit appropriate for their work. We do not simply stop on doing features about each and every masterpiece they entrust to us, we also help them all throughout the negotiations. We know that for the artists, this is the most difficult part so we see to it that we do not let them down. We ensure protect both parties so there would be a win-win situation for everyone.

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